Homemaking……what is it?  Who does it? Why would someone do this?

These are just a few questions some people may wonder.  As a woman living in modern times when women are capable of doing anything, a lot of people wonder why someone would do something that to a lot, seems so menial.  Well let’s start with my answer to the first question…..


What is homemaking?

Some people think that homemaking is when a woman sits around the house all day eating bon bons like the infamous Peg Bundy.  But some people think it’s dressing in your heels and pearls, preparing meals from scratch and having a spotless house.  Honestly though, homemaking is what you make it to be.  For me it’s about homeschooling my son, keeping my home kept, giving my husband a hot meal at the end of the day (well on most days), making sure everyone has clean clothes to wear, and doing loads of DIY projects.  For someone else though it may be different and that’s ok.  No 2 people are alike and neither is their version of homemaking.


Who does it?

Well honestly, anyone can do it.  If a woman can be in the military than a man can be a homemaker.  Times aren’t what they used to be and now people have the freedom to do the jobs that make them happy.  That’s what a lot of people don’t realize though, homemaking is a job and it’s an important job.  Does a good lawyer take their practice seriously?  I’m sure they do.  So why wouldn’t a homemaker?  I don’t bring in a paycheck, well unless one of my handmade items is sold, but my job is just as important as my husbands.  My point is, if homemaking is what you want to do, than do it!


Why be a homemaker?

This is a question that can have many different answers to it depending on who you ask.  For me, this is what I grew up wanting to do.  Most likely because I grew up with a mom that was a homemaker.  My mom took pride in caring for her family and having wonderful meals on the table every night.  She always made sure that no matter what it was that was going on, everything got handled.  Of course like many women, myself included, she did work when it was necessary.  But for her, there came a point in time when her and my dad made the decision to make whatever sacrifice was necessary for her to stay home.  This is where my husband and I were many years ago.  After working for quite a few years and from one job to another that I wasn’t happy with, we decided I would be not only happier, but also more useful at home.   So we went over the numbers in our budget and made the necessary adjustments.  Trust me, this was far from easy!!!!  The one thing that I get constantly from people is “oh it must be nice to have so much money”.  I’ll tell ya, they don’t see our bank account or know the sacrifices we make to have the life we have.  Now of course, things have improved over the years as they should.  My husband has gotten some raises and we’ve also gotten rid of some of the major bills we’ve had.  But we’ve also replaced those bills with some new ones.  Making the decision to be a homemaker isn’t an easy one and it’s not for everyone.  But if it’s something you truly desire, than find a way.  The one thing I’ve learned is that life is far too short to be doing what makes you unhappy, even if it’s just a little bit.

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