The Simple life…….is it?

When Mike and I chose that the “simple” life is what we needed, we realized it would be some work.  But with work comes not only rewards, but consequences as well.

Take today for example… part of our building the homestead that we want and desire, we needed a roof over our back patio.  This is something that we decided we needed for many reasons.  As DIYers though, building this with only the 2 of us is a challenge.  Especially when neither one of us really know exactly what we’re doing.  We’re smart and thrifty though so how hard could it be right?  LOL

So we began and got off to a great start so why on earth would we think something would go wrong?  You know the saying, “don’t count your chickens before they hatch”?  Well DON’T!!!  We were on a role but this morning some inside work took me away from helping Mike outside.  That was where the mistake happened.  I knew I should’ve made him wait but after being married for 13 years and together for over 15 years, I knew making him wait for me was not something that was going to happen.  So while fixing our son some lunch I get a phone call (yes we are smart enough to keep our phones with us at all times in case of emergency).  It was Mike and he had fallen with a good chance of breaking his ankle!!!!  UGH, why oh why?!?!  So I run down stairs and out the back door to find him lying in the mud, unable to walk.  I manage to get him up and onto the concrete where I was able assess his ankle.  Thankful no broken bones but it was still tough for him to stand, much less walk.  So how in the world was I going to get him in the house.  We made it though!

For now work on our roof has halted but it’s ok.  See, that’s the great thing about the life we have built, things can wait when it’s necessary.  So is the simple life hard?  Yes it is!!!  But is it worth it?  Most definitely!!!  We can look at our home, our land, and everything that we are accomplishing, we take pride in it because it’s what we’ve worked so hard to build!!

So are you thinking about living the simple life?  If you’re ready to work hard and reap the rewards, than go for it!  There’s many different ways to simplify your life and you definitely don’t have to homestead to do it.  But no matter what you do, make sure it’s what you truly desire!!!

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