Breakfast on the Go!

For so many, my husband included, waking up early to get to work is reality.  Now if you’re like my husband than you don’t like to get up any earlier than you have to which doesn’t leave a lot of time to get a healthy breakfast.  In our previous way of life it was nothing for him to run up to the local gas station or fast food joint to get his breakfast.  This is not only expensive but it’s also sooooo not good for a person.  See, here on the homestead we are working hard to get things as healthy as possible……yes it’s still a work in progress!  Because of this, we have learned how to make some pretty good breakfast foods that are healthy, quick to fix, and can be made in batch cooking and frozen.

Here is one of his favorites…….Cheese, Egg, and Sausage Wrap

These are super easy and quick to premake and freeze.  I make them on Sunday and usually there’s enough for 7 days.  Now the only thing that I have not learned how to do yet is to make the tortilla shells myself.  Once I learn how to do that and we get our own chickens for the eggs, these will be way healthier!  You may be wondering how I make these, it’s simple really.  I take 1 red bell pepper (you can use any kind and color), 2 sausage links, 5 eggs, and 2 slices of American Cheese.  First I chop up the pepper and throw in my skillet over medium heat.  Than I slice up my sausage and put that in too.  I cover and let them cook until the pepper is tender.  While those are cooking I mix up my eggs.  Basically you’re making scrambled eggs.  After all of that is mixed up than pour it in the skillet with everything else.  Once it’s all cooked up I turn off my burner and put on the cheese.  It melts much better if torn and laid on top.  After it starts melting than I mix it all up till it’s all good and cheesie!!!!!!  Then place on the tortilla shells, roll up and put in a gallon size freezer bag.  Now you and the ones you love can have a fantastic breakfast on the go.  Oh to heat up in the morning’s, I wrap in a paper towel and heat up for 45 seconds.  This can vary depending on the size wrap you make and your microwave.  Happy eating folks!




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