Holidays…….the aftermath

Every year the world prepares for the holidays, whatever it may be that you celebrate.  The day or days come, the gifts are opened, the food is eaten, and then it’s over.  Life returns to normal……well at least for a few more days until the end of the year celebration.

So there’s that time directly after the holiday is over that it’s still fresh for the kids.  At the Montgomery Homestead, daddy returns to work and mommy (me) is left to continue the play party with our little one.  While the mess has long been cleaned up, the gifts are neatly organized but still out to play with.  This is a time when I don’t think about the school projects that are coming our way or the progress that needs to made on the homestead.  Here, it is still a time to play and enjoy watching my boy do all the things that he’s been wanting to do since before the holiday.

The holiday tree gets put away and the lights get taken down.  The house becomes normal again and chores are resumed as if nothing ever took place here.  For some, this is a time of sadness because the holiday is over.  Here though, a sigh of relief is made.  One thing I’ve learned over the years is that people and lives change, which means how we celebrate any holiday changes.  The past 3 have changed forever how I feel about the holiday season.  It’s not what it once was.  In fact, our son is the only reason we even do a celebration.  But it’s because of the things that have happened that we have made the decisions we have made about how we celebrate.  This year we were supposed to take our first (of many) holiday trip.  Unfortunately, due to the accident that happened with Mike’s foot, our trip had to be canceled.  We did what we could though to make it a great day for our son.  Once again, even through the tears, we were successful.    Our boy is the most important person in the world to us, as he should be, so we strive every day to give him the life that he not only needs, but deserves.  A lot of people say we spoil him, yeah we probably do.  Well not probably, I know we do.  But he’s been through a lot in his short little life.  He has special needs that make how we do things a little different.  But every day we look at him and the life we work so hard to provide for him, and have no regrets!

So as we move on to the aftermath of the holiday season, we look towards the future and how we may celebrate next year’s event.  I’m thinking a beach with warm water somewhere!!  We’ll just have to wait and see, though.  Until then, life will go on and progress will continue to be made.

I hope you all have had a great holiday season!  But remember, the aftermath can be a time of joy as well!!!

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