2019……New Beginnings at Tammy’s Crafty Corner

With the start of 2019 well underway I decided it was time to do some new things at my little crafty corner.  The year started off with the arrival of a new machine (eeeekkkkk).  It is the largest sewing/quilting machine that I have ever owned with a capability of making up to a King size quilt.  That’s something that I hope to make someday!  But for now I am thrilled to just have a machine that has such extraordinary abilities.  The Brother Dream Creator is one of the first machines made by Brother with an 11.25 needle to arm throat space.  With one of the largest working spaces offered by Brother, this machine definitely has some room to sew and quilt.

Also new to my crafty corner is Vinyl work.  For those that don’t know what this is, it’s taking images or words, cutting them out of iron on vinyl and putting on to shirts and other items such as bags.  I’m learning quite a bit this year about different ways to make unique items for my wonderful customers.  I hope y’all will stay tuned for what’s to come.  Of course along with custom items made with vinyl, I’m still learning about my embroidery machine that I purchased last year.  It always amazes me how much there is to learn no matter what it is I’m creating.  This year there will be a lot of new things being placed in my store.  Everything from custom shirts, placemats, bags, aprons, blankets, and jewelry!  That’s right, I’m learning how to make some jewelry items with my embroidery machine and my husband is making certain items with a new machine that he has built.

So now that the new year has begun, a new life for my family has started!  2019 is a time for success, not only in my business life but personal as well.  We’ve worked hard to get to this point and are ready to enjoy what we’ve done!  Thank’s so much to all of you who have stuck around while we have battled all of our life challenges and welcome to any and all new comers!  May this year be full of love, creativity, and new adventures!!

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