Winter on the Homestead

From the looks of today, winter is in full swing!  Temps are well below freezing, actually it’s reaching below 0 today, and a blanket of snow is on the ground.  Day’s like these, there’s no way getting outside is an option for my little and myself.  But there’s plenty to do inside.  The morning chores, homeschool, meals to make, sewing to do, and of course there’s always snuggle time.  But Spring isn’t to far away and planning has to get started, so we’ll probably sneak some of that in as well.

With the cold in the air we do our best to keep everyone healthy, but unfortunately sometimes the nasty germs creep in.  Right now our little is battling a nasty cold that’s kept us all up for the past 2 nights.  I’m a bit of a homeopathic so we rely heavily on oils.  Along with that I have found that Mucinex works wonders.  Yeah it’s not homeopathic but it knocks the crude out.  For oils, I rely on Plant Therapy which is a great company with great oils and a ton of great benefits.  I love my oils and the benefits they provide my family.  We use many home remedies for different ailments and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  My granny didn’t make it to 95 years old by coincidence.  She used good old fashioned remedies that were passed down through the years.

Another thing that should’ve already been done, but I’m running behind with, is quilt making.  Cold days like today, it’s so awesome to wrap up in a nice warm, homemade quilt.  Thankfully I do have a few that’s been made by my mom and granny that we can wrap up in until I get some of our own finished.  Over the years I’ve come to realize how important quilting and sewing was and needs to be again.  Sadly though, things like this are dying out and people would just rather go to the store and buy a blanket that is just like everyone else’s and has no meaning or worth to it.  I have a quilt that my granny made long before I was ever born.  She made it out of hers and my papaws clothes.  It’s not the prettiest thing ever made but to me, it’s one of the most beautiful quilts I’ve ever owned.  All because of who it came from and what it meant to them.  I never really knew my papaw, but when I wrap up in this quilt, I can feel him and my granny with me.  Homemade means so much more than what people realize.  Loads of love goes into things that are created from nothing.  That’s what makes them so special!

Other things we do here on the homestead during the winter is lots of inside projects.  Of course I have my sewing that’s an ongoing thing, but there’s things like painting, reorganizing, remodeling (if needed), and for us, working hard on our basement.  After all the morning chores are done and school work has been put away, I do my best to work on one of our projects.  We have lots of things we’re trying to get done before the warm weather returns and our attention is taken outside.  Some of it will get done and some won’t.  But one thing we’ve learned, there’s always something to do.

Life on the homestead is a busy one, but we love it!  Taking our life down to something that’s more simple has improved every aspect of our lives.  Yes, we still have modern conveniences and we enjoy them.  But we have also learned how to slow down and make time for what matters.  Because when it’s all said and done, it’s not how much money we have or the possessions we own that matters.  It’s the memories that we created!

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