Decisions Decisions…….

Hey Hey followers, it’s been quite some time since I came on and shared anything so I thought an update was needed.  Life on the homestead is as busy as ever and some very important decisions have been made.  As you all know, my partner in crime, aka my husband, is a full supporter of our little homestead and whatever I want to do with it.  He loves that I’m so enthusiastic about living a quiet life here in the country and raising our son on the values that I was raised on.  Absolutely nothing has changed about that.  What is changing, at least, for the next year, is how we live that life building our homestead.  As many people know, August 20, 2016 I lost my dad.  This was a huge blow to my life and I’ve had the worst time trying to adjust to life without him.  That same year we also lost my husband’s grandpa and directly after losing my dad, we lost my granny.  All of this has put more stress on me than I knew how to deal with.  So for all of 2018 I completely fell apart and destroyed myself.

  • Chronic Disease and Stress

Most people know that I suffer from chronic autoimmune problems but I do my best to not make my life about my disease.  What no one knows is that behind closed doors, I don’t live the way most people do or even think that I do.  Other than a few online friends, my husband is virtually my only support system.  He sees how much I suffer and what I have to do in order to just feel halfway normal.   I don’t let people into the part of my life that is about disease because frankly, people just don’t care.  But I’m at a point in my life where maybe it’s time to more open to people in the event that someone can benefit from the way that I have to live.

So let me take you back to 2016……..During the winter of 15/16 we were going through a lot at home and I had found out that I suffered from a rare gene, HLA-B27.  This gene has wreaked havoc on my body.  It’s caused chronic inflammation throughout my entire body and put me in a state where food and exercise is limited.  Because of it and the stress that I was suffering, my weight plummeted to 109 lbs just after my dad passed away.  During 2017 I managed to keep my weight manageable but than 2018 hit and I fell into a such a huge depression that I abandoned everything that I had learned.  For 1 solid year I ate things that I am not supposed too and left my exercise program.  Needless to say I gained 20 lbs, my body hurts all the time, I’m not able to play with my little boy much, and I spend more time in the bathroom than any one person ever should.  Stress isn’t good for a normal person, but when you add stress to someone with a disease, it’s like nothing no one should ever experience!

This brings me to now!  4 days from now I turn 40 and I’m permanently changing my life so I can regain what I’ve lost.  I’ve gotten back to my yoga, I’m eating the way I’m supposed too, and I’m working hard on my stress.  I’ve also decided to use this blog as an outlet with hopes that I can help someone else who suffers and feels alone.  Disease, no matter what it is, is hard to go through.  We feel isolated and alone.  Well I’m here to tell you, you’re not alone!

  • Decisions

Because of my health, decisions had to be made.  For now we are putting off doing some of things on the homestead that we had planned for this year.  Our plans aren’t off for good, just while I’m working on regaining my health.  I’m learning a lot about how to live a life focused around yoga which includes a daily practice, meditation, my own personal spa day, and healthy eating.  We love our little homestead and can’t wait to watch it grow, but my health comes before it does.  Being a stay at home mom that homeschools and runs a business, isn’t easy.  But we are making the best of everything so we can give our son and ourselves the life we want and deserve.

  • Where to go from here

Now that all of these important decisions have been made, where do we go?  That’s easy, the only way to go is forward.  There’s no looking back and stressing over the things that can’t be changed.  There’s no wishing we could’ve done things differently.  There’s no focusing on how things should’ve been.  The only thing there is to do is to love each other, love our life together, and move forward working hard towards the life that we want.

So please continue to follow my blog and give me a like on Instagram to see how things are going with my family and I!


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    1. Aww Thank you, Lara!!! I know there’s people that do, sometimes it’s just hard to find them. You and the other wonderful ladies that I’ve met in our yoga group have been a saving grace for me. Y’all are a big reason I’m getting through all of this. Bless you, friend!

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