Organizing a Small Space

Camping has become such a big part of our lives.  It allows us to get away more often then the typical American family.  Not to mention, as someone that lives with chronic illness, having my own space rather then a hotel room is way more comfortable.  So far in the 1 year and 6 months that we’ve owned our new camper, we’ve made 1 long haul and a bunch of local weekend trips.  Last Christmas we were supposed to make a trip to Myrtle Beach but due to unforeseen circumstances, we had to cancel.  However, this year will be different.

Now, some people may wonder how we stay organized and have fun when being in a small camper.  Here’s how we roll for now since we aren’t completely finished with organization or decor in our camper.  Just so you know the size we are staying in, our camper is just shy of 30 ft from hitch to bumper and I’d say about 8 1/2 ft wide.  So there’s not a ton of space and unfortunately the model we bought, there’s not much storage.  One thing that works to our benefit is we only have 1 child.  But then you add in 2 dogs and things can be tight.

Here you see our bedroom, not big but we make it work.  One great thing is we have this amazing storage under our bed which can be accessed by lifting the bed up or going through the crawl space on the outside.  We each have our own closets which aren’t huge but we don’t need much for just weekend trips.  There is a shelf overhead which I really don’t care for but it is what it is.  Makes a great place for putting my glasses on at night and for Mike to store all of his guy things on.  Just in front of each closet we each have a “night stand” where we can keep our phones and conveniently plug in at night since we each have an outlet.  Also great for plugging computers into as well.  One thing that I am adamant about is that I keep my camper just as I keep my home.  After all, this is our home when we aren’t at our permanent residence.  So every morning after breakfast, I make our bed, clean up our room, and sweep all of the floors.  A clean camper is a happy camper!

Now we can’t forget about the dogs, they are part of this crazy camping thing too.  Under the foot of our bed there is a space where I store our pet supplies and there’s room for one small kennel.  As you can see I also keep my weights under there since I take my workouts with me.  One of our pups sleeps in the kennel under the bed while another sleeps in the bed with us……yes she’s highly spoiled!

Now moving on to our sons room.  We do have full double bunks so the bottom gets used for him and the top we use as extra storage……remember, there’s not much storage in here.  Since he’s still little he’s got loads of room so I keep his suitcase at the foot of the bed along with his backpack.  His Spider-Man never misses a trip either.  Just like our room, every morning his room gets a good cleaning and the bed gets made.  Since our little dog is a shedder and loves to lay on his bed, I have to clean it every morning after making it.  This is one area where he is insisting on decorating and making his own.  We’ll get there and hopefully soon!

Let’s move on to the top bunk!  Like I said, storage is scarce around here so we do what we have too.  There’s a lot we want to do with this area, like building custom shelving that does not attach to the walls so it can be easily removed and not leave holes in the walls.  When we get the shelves built, we’ll have loads more room for his toys, our necessities, and laundry.  But for now I work hard to keep everything easily accessible and organized.  You can see that some of his toys are up there along with extra paper towels, our pop-up tent, laundry, and we keep an extra pack of water up there.

Now our bathroom is not large but it’s fully functional.  Mike doesn’t use the shower but Fargo and I do.  It’s great for his bath and when I don’t feel like walking to the bathhouse I’ll shower off in there.  This is an area where we definitely need to get organized.  I’ve got ideas, just need to get them put into place.  For now though I keep all of our shower items in a nice shower bag which stays on the floor next to the toilet.  The sink and mirror are outside of the bathroom, just across from the bunks.  There is a nice medicine cabinet and some small storage underneath the sink.  We manage to fit everything in both.

The following pictures are of our kitchen, dinning, and living room area.  As you can see we do have storage above both the dinette and kitchen, but there’s very little storage beneath either of them.  Also in this area we have plans on how to get more storage and counter top space.  We’ll also be purchasing and smaller coffee maker that will stay in the camper.  Above the sink and couch, those cabinets are used for our dishes and food.  We do pretty much all of our cooking outside so there’s not much need for very many pots and pans.  I do a lot of cooking on a griddle!  Above the dinette we have our candles, zip lock bags, toilet paper, napkins, and plastic bags.  I do have 1 small cabinet under the sink where I keep cleaning supplies.  We also have a small shoe cubby under the couch where I really try to get everyone to keep their shoes.  As we update our storage solutions, I’ll definitely write about it!

Now like I said, we do a lot of cooking outside.  I have a great fold-able table that I set up next to the camper and cook all of our breakfasts on.  There’s a lot of room and I have an outlet on the outside of the camper to plug my griddle into.  Mike cooks on the grill and he makes some amazing meals over the campfire.  We love this life and are learning a lot about how to keep things neat and clean while having a good time.  I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog and will stay tuned as we do more travels and organizing in our home away from home!

Love and Light,


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