The Holidays and Uncshooling

It’s December 1st and we are in full holiday swing on the homestead, that includes our schooling.  This month we’ll be focusing on learning through holiday themed activities and it’s got us very excited.  I find it amazing the things that can be used as learning materials that don’t seem like you could learn anything from them.  We enjoy doing a variety of activities including crafts.  I do my best to prepare for the month ahead when it comes to activities, but honestly, it’s closer to being prepared week by week.  When your a busy mom to a special needs child plus a business owner, sometimes things don’t get prepared as much as I’d like.

Anyways, here’s just a few of things that we’ll be doing:

Ornament making is something we love and do in several different ways.  Here’s just one example of ornaments made with Popsicle sticks.  These are fun to do and really works on fine motor skills.  (photo by

Easy DIY Glitter Popsicle Snowflake Ornament. Simple yet beautiful dollar store craft gift idea anyone can make, even kids, #Christmas #kidcrafts

Here’s a fun idea……a reindeer headband!  (photo by

I use activities like this to work on my sons cutting and gluing skills.  He’s actually getting quite good 😉

This DIY reindeer headband craft is a fun Christmas activity for kids! It comes with a free printable template to make this craft, print in full color or print in black and white to color in! #simpleeverydaymom #kidscrafts #reindeercrafts #craftsforkids #christmas #xmas #xmascrafts #christmascraftsforkids #rudolph

Teachers Pay Teachers is a site that I absolutely love.  Worksheets like this have my son learning math in a fun way.  These are a big hit in our house.

Check out these 19 Math worksheets designed for 1st grade (common core aligned to each standard). It features fun Christmas themed activities!

Of course we can’t forget science.  The Christmas Magic Milk Science Experiment will be a lot of fun this year.  He’s just now getting into science so this will be perfect.  You can find this activity at

This Christmas magic milk science experiment is so awesome! Add a holiday spin to this classic science activity for kids and they are sure to have a blast!

Of course we’ll still be doing our normal daily things like ABC Mouse and Time 4 Learning.  He loves these programs and excels at them so they aren’t going anywhere.  Our library visits will also continue but on those cold, snowy/rainy days, we are lucky enough to have loads of digital books if one of the books in our home library doesn’t suit his desires.  Between our Amazon Unlimited and our library now giving us the ability to check out books through our Kindle app, we’re never without books.

Well I hope you’ve enjoyed this little peek into some of the things we’ll be doing this month in our Unschooling Adventures!

Love and Light,


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