My name is Tammy Montgomery and I’m a 40 year old homemaker, wife, and mother.  My incredible husband and I have been married for 13 years and we have a very busy little 7 year old boy.  Growing up in a small rural community I was taught to appreciate the small town life and all the joys that it can bring.  So before my husband and I married, we knew instantly that we wanted that same life.  He had been a country boy all of his life and I wanted to learn more about homesteading in the country.

So after marrying in 2005 we put a single wide trailer on a piece of property that my husbands grandpa had given us.  We set out to build the life that we had dreamt of.  After spending about 4 1/2 (almost 5) years in the trailer, we had our house put in.  Our home is nothing fancy, but it’s ours and we’re making it our own.  Back than we didn’t have much money so we built our house as cheap as possible at the time.  Knowing that as time went on we could put our own mark on it.  This is something that 8 years later, we are finally doing.  We are big DIYers so pretty much everything that gets done to our home, we do it with our 4 hands!

In 2011 we were blessed with our miracle baby!  He was quite the surprise and honestly, he keeps surprising us every day.  My pregnancy progressed as it should and everything always looked fine at each appt.  However, when labor came, he was not prepared.  After spending what seemed like forever in labor, push came to shove so to speak.  His heart kept stopping to the point that just before he arrived, they didn’t know if he would come out alive.  Our miracle baby, the one that we were told we’d never have…….well you get the picture.  But he made it after some very skillful work from my dr and the nursing staff, now he’s a very active little boy.  We did have to deal with a heart defect for a couple of years but we had the best ped’s cardiologist around so we weren’t worried.

In 2016 we lost my husbands grandpa, my dad, and my granny.  After already traveling a rough road, it became virtually impossible.  There were times I just didn’t know how in the world we’d make it.  The past 3 years have been absolutely 3 of the hardest years without those that we love so much.  A darkness fell over myself and even up until recently, I just didn’t know how I could go on.  But with the love and support of my husband, I fight for another day!

This brings us to the present day!  We’ve not had the easiest road by any means, but we’ve traveled it together and it’s made us who we are.  We love living in the country, we love building our homestead, we love having each other to share all of this with.

Love and Light